Tara Adams
Tara Adams
Full Name

Tara Adams




Radio Rebel, Student

Eye Color


Hair Color



Delilah Adams (mother)
Rob Adams (step-father)


Gavin Morgan (boyfriend; in love with)


Audrey Larry, Barry, Gavin


Lincoln Bay High School

Portrayed By

Debby Ryan

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Tara Adams is the main protagonist in the Disney Channel Original Movie, 'Radio Rebel'. Tara is a high school teen living a double life. You’d never guess that Tara, the quiet, shy girl, is the voice of the edgy radio personality: Radio Rebel. As her on-air personality becomes increasingly popular, she must figure out how to handle both her fans and critics, all while being true to herself. And she also really likes Gavin but never tells him and gets super shy around him.

Tara is an anonymous radio host named, Radio Rebel, on SLAM FM. She says that she used to be very shy and afraid to be wrong. She started Radio Rebel to say what matters to her. She has a major crush on Gavin. Her best friend is Audrey and they both have rocking styles. Tara knows where she stands and how to stand up to others, even if she's not there in person. Tara mostly stands up for the misfits on her radio show, Radio Rebel. In the end she takes a risk and reveals who she is at prom.

Tara is portrayed by Debby Ryan.



Audrey and Tara are best friends. They both have rocking style and are like two peas in a pod. They are totally BFFTLEWE (Best Friends For Totally Like Ever Without Exception). Audrey is supportive of Tara. She helps keep her secret, and hopes that Radio Rebel's reputation will inspire Tara to stand out.


Tara has a crush on Gavin. Gavin has serious chemistry with Tara. Gavin was inspired by Radio Rebel's advice to speak up and follows that advice.


Stacy DeBane and Tara are frenemies. Stacy is one of the people who is able to deduce that Tara is Radio Rebel. Tara is jealous of how confident Stacy is and in turn, Stacy is jealous that Radio Rebel (Tara) will beat her as prom queen. At the end of Radio Rebel, Stacy finally stops being Tara's enemy and accepts her. She ends up being prom queen alongside prom king, Gabe LaViolet.