Stacy DeBane
Full Name

Stacy DeBane


Stace (by Kim)



Resides in

Seattle, Washington



Eye Color


Hair Color



Gavin Morgan (ex boyfriend)


Kim and now Tara Adams


Lincoln Bay High School

Portrayed By

Merritt Patterson

That girl invaded our airwaves.

—Stacy talking about Radio Rebel to Kim.

Stacy Debane is the main antagonist in the Disney Channel Original Movie Radio Rebel and is the queen bee at school. She is jealous of Radio Rebel and will do anything to win prom queen. She is played by Merritt Patterson.


Stacy is the school’s queen bee who is jealous of Radio Rebel’s followers. She’ll do anything to make sure that she wins prom queen with her dream date, Gavin, by her side. She's also rich because of her designer clothing making her a material girl.

Stacy may be prissy and shallow, but there are certain aspects of her personality that span her far from the average stereotypical mean girl.

One example is her intelligence. Stacy is an extremely brilliant individual. A notable example of this is when she was the one only person who was able to figure out that Tara was Radio Rebel by putting two and two together and not being told about it personally. Stacy's miraculously brainpower is just one of many things that makes her a smart individual.


Stacy is determined to win herself the prom queen crown. She will do anything to get it and to make Gavin her prom date. When Radio Rebel gets in the way of prom, Stacy will do anything to reveal this anonymous girl.

Relationships Edit

Gavin (Ex-Boyfriend)Edit

Stacy likes Gavin and wants to go to prom with him and win prom queen with Gavin by her side, but Gavin really likes Tara, not Stacy. They break up in the end.

Tara Adams (Frenemies)Edit

Stacy and Tara are frenemies. Stacy also nicknamed Tara "Her Royal Shyness" because of Tara's shyness. They did not like each other at the beginning, but they reconcile at the end.

Kim (Friend)Edit

Kim is Stacy's right-hand girl and friend. She is kind of Stacy's sidekick and helps her whenever Stacy needs her. She never says no to anything Stacy orders her to do and she is always there the minute Stacy asks for something.

Stacy and Kim