Gavin Morgan
Full Name

Gavin Morgan






Singer, Guitar Player, Dancing Sandwich

Eye Color


Hair Color



Tara Adams (girlfriend; in love with)
Stacy DeBane (ex)


Audrey, Gabe (band members), Tara


Lincoln Bay High School


The Gs (band)

Portrayed By

Adam DiMarco

Gavin Morgan is a nice, cool guy who likes music. He raves about a mysterious DJ named 'Radio Rebel' because of her awesome music taste and awesome playlists. He was developing a crush on Tara as he began to know her. Soon, he sang a song for Tara during Morp. Gavin was originally Stacy Debane's Prom/Morp date. However, Tara Adams was crushing on him. As you know, Stacy DeBane was doing a scene for her drama class and she chose Tara and Gavin to be in it too. At the last minute Stacy changed her mind– she wanted to be in the scene with Gavin instead so she locks Tara in the janitor's closet. Afterwards, Audrey told Gavin what happened. He then dumped Stacy. They were never boyfriend and girlfriend. At the dance, Tara's friend called and said Radio Rebel but Tara didn't go on stage. Tara then spoke on the microphone and came out very slowly of the room and said she was radio rebel. At the final end of the movie, Tara and Gavin danced and they were now girlfriend and boyfriend. Gavin Morgan is portrayed by Adam DiMarco.

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