Gabe and Tara

Length of relationship

Not together


Not very close

Ship rivals

Gabin, Tacey and Tavin

Gara (G/abe and T/ara) is the romantic pairing of Gabe LaViolet and Tara Adams. Eventhough they don't have much interaction in the movie, and Gabe only thinks of Tara as 'the girl who's step-dad runs SLAM' you can see something in the way he looks at her...

Other names for this pairingEdit

Gabra - (Gab/e + Ta/ra)

Gtara - (G/abe + Tara)

Tabe - (Ga/be + Tara)

Tarbe - (Ga/be + Tar/a)


  • He turned to look at Tara when he said: "Friends with the girl who's step-Dad runs SLAM.
  • After Stacey's party, and Gabe went up to Gavin, he briefly looked at Tara when he said: "Slacker!"
  • When Tara said to Gavin: "It's not all Gabe, trust me." She was smiling when she said his name.
  • At the Morp, Gabe clapped when Cammi Q said Radio Rebel was nominated/queen.
  • Gabe was watching to see who Radio Rebel was.
  • When Tara was almost expelled, Gabe was looking at her.
  • Gabe was looking at Principal Moreno with a triumphant smirk when everyone was saying they were Radio Rebel, and briefly looked at Tara with a smile.
  • Gabe was one of the ones saying he was Radio Rebel


Gara number:

  • 4 (Tara and Gabe both have 4 letters in their name)
  • 8 (The amount of letters in their names, added up)

Gara Color:

  • Dark red (A combination of Gabe's brown hair, and Tara's reddish hair)
  • Red (They both wore red at some point in the movie)


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