Audrey Sharma
Full Name

Audrey Sharma



Resides in

Seattle, Washington

Eye Color


Hair Color

Black, blue highlights


Tara Adams


Lincoln Bay High School

Portrayed By

Sarena Pormar

Reject the status quo is my new life motto.

—Audrey talking to Tara about Radio Rebel.

Audrey Sharma is Tara's best friend and supports her with the whole Radio Rebel secret.


Audrey is Tara’s dramatic and supportive BFFTLEWE (Best Friend For Totally Like Ever, Without Exception). She helps Tara hide her secret identity from the world. She is funky, creative, supportive to Tara, and really hyper. On the other hand, she hopes that Radio Rebel’s reputation will inspire Tara to step into the spotlight.


Audrey is a dramatic girl and supportive to Radio Rebel. Audrey knows that Tara is Radio Rebel and helps Tara hide her secret identity. She is inspired by Radio Rebel's advice. She tries to make Tara a less shy person and gives her advice about it. She hopes that the Radio Rebel broadcasts and advice will help Tara show herself and be proud of who she is.


Tara (Best Friend)Edit

Audrey and Tara are best friends, or as they say BFFTLEWE (Best Friend For Totally Like Ever Without Exception). She helps Tara hide Radio Rebel's identity from everybody. She hopes that Radio Rebel's reputation will inspire Tara to be proud of who she is. Also she is proud that everybody knows that she is Radio Rebel. But the principal doesn't like Radio Rebel because she wants Radio Rebel/ Tara to be expelled.                                                                                                                                                                             

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Audrey [to Tara]: Reject the status quo is my new life motto.
  • Audrey [to Tara]: You've got to breathe your words.